It’s that time of year where we’re all trying to kick our bad habits of eating all the carbs, drinking too much wine, and laying off the sugar. It’s a TOUGH time of year. Not to mention, I just bought a wedding dress, and I am in full on sweating for the wedding mode. I know you other brides get where I’m coming from! So, I thought I would share some of my favorite workout must-haves right now to give your workout wardrobe a boost, and to get you motivated for your fitness endeavors this year.

There's nothing like a cute workout outfit to keep you motivated for your fitness routine. These workout must-haves are perfect for staying motivated.

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Work Workout Tank | Black and White Striped Leggings | Teal Zip Up Jacket | Mesh Cutout Long Sleeve Top | Blush Workout Top | Black Grippy Socks | Hair Ties | Green Mesh Leggings | Glitter Water Bottle | Workout Bag

I am not a gym person. I was a dancer all through middle school and high school, so once I graduated from high school, I learned very quickly that I thrive in a group class setting. I’ve been going to Xtend Barre here in Huntsville, and it’s my FAVE workout. Not to mention, they have other classes like Suspend, Pilates, Yoga, Stick, Circuit classes, etc. for when I want to shake up my routine. I like to have long flowy tank tops with leggings as my typical barre workout ensemble, along with grippy socks. In the wintertime, I like to layer long sleeve tops, pullovers or zip up jackets to keep me warm going in and out of class, but also something that I can take off in the middle of class so I’m not dying halfway through because I’m wearing too many clothes.When it comes to my workout clothes, I like pieces with a little bit of edge to them that have fun embellishments like mesh cutouts or little knotted details.  I always have to pack a workout bag because I always go to barre right after work. I like to have a workout bag that’s not super bulky, so I can easily toss it in my car without feeling like I’m lugging around too much stuff. Because let’s be honest, I’m already doing that anyway! haha And of course, a girl always has to have a good set of hair ties, and a cute water bottle to keep you hydrated. Trying to get a workout in every day is hard, and I’m lucky to get maybe three in a week sometimes with my busy schedule, but having cute outfits and accessories keep me motivated and excited to go to class. What are your favorite workout must-haves for your fitness routine? Share them in the comments!

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This post contains affiliate links.Life Made Fab may earn a commission from items purchased from these links at no additional cost to you.