It’s the month of love and it’s time to start shopping for those V-Day gifts! I’m the worst procrastinator, so I’ll be headed out this weekend to pick something up for Brandon. Why are the guys so hard to shop for, anyway? Since guys can be tough, I thought I would do a little bit of brainstorming to give you some Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Guy. And don’t worry, these are all guy-approved, because I had Brandon double-check my list. Some of these are things that he already has that he loves, or items that he said every guy would love.

The guys are tough to shop for on Valentine's Day. I've rounded up some guy-approved Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Guy this year!

Growler Set | Keychain | Candy Dispenser | Men’s Valet Tray | Backpack | Pocket Knife | Euphoria Cologne |

Boxers | Beer Dispenser | Fitbit Blaze | Retro Shot Glass Set | Grilling Set

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I feel like most guys enjoy beer, and craft breweries are popping up all over. This growler set is perfect for the beer lover in your life. I literally bought this set for Brandon “just because” a few weeks ago, and he loved it! If you’re looking for something a bit simpler or maybe lower in price point, a keychain is always a great option. You can always make it a bit more personal by having his initials engraved on it, or you could pair it with some of his favorite candies or alcohol. And speaking of candy, if your guy is a candy lover, a candy dispenser is perfect for his man cave. So fun!

Maybe your man is a little less than organized. An organizer tray is perfect for keeping all his essentials in one place. I bought one for Brandon’s nightstand to keep his watch, his wallet, his contacts, etc. all in one place because let’s just say I’m always mentally keeping track of his stuff because he definitely isn’t. Haha! This has been perfect for him. A pocket knife is also a great practical gift. The personalization definitely adds a nice touch and makes it more meaningful.

If your guy travels often, or maybe just needs a nice bag to carry all his essentials for work,  a sturdy backpack is always a great option. You could also fill it with his favorite snacks as a surprise! Cologne is a great option, too. Recently, Brandon got this Euphoria cologne for Christmas and it smells so good. Find a fragrance you just love. Isn’t that incentive for him to wear it?! Valentine boxers are a fun gift idea, and of course, something he definitely could use. You could always gift these in addition to a few other smaller items like snacks or chocolates if you want to give him a few smaller things in a gift basket.

Ok, let’s talk splurges! I bought Brandon this beer dispenser for his birthday, and he is OBSESSED with it. You can either put mini kegs in it or you can refill the canister inside with beer from a growler. He keeps it in his Man Cave on his little bar set up, and he really enjoys having it. Definitely worth the investment for the guy who really loves beer, or who entertains a lot. On another note, if your guy is into working out, the Fitbit Blaze is an awesome workout watch and it’s more affordable than the Apple Watch or other models. Not to mention, you can often find them on sale this time of year!

Other options to keep in mind include a good set of shot glasses, and even a grilling set if you’ve got a grill master in your life. You also could consider subscription boxes or gift sets. I think Sock Fancy is a great subscription. I ordered this for a family member for their birthday and they loved it! The price starts at $11 for one box, which is a good deal. Your guy will get one pair of cool socks per month for however long you set the subscription for, and I mean… who doesn’t love happy mail? Other fun options I came across were these fun gift box options on Man Crates with all different themes for every guy’s interests! These are super unique, and definitely worth looking into!

I hope these options at least helped you get some inspiration for what to buy your man this V-Day. Whatever you get him, he will appreciate the thought you put into it because it shows you care.

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