Can you believe it’s the last week of January? I cannot believe how fast time has flown by! I have to admit that I’ve been doing so bad at my resolutions. I mean, I’ve done well in terms of eating healthy and cutting out carbs, but my other goals, not so much. I thought I would feel really productive at the beginning of the year, but I’ve had a slight case of burnout on top of the fact that I had a realization that our wedding is in 5 months and I have a lot to do! And since I haven’t posted a lot about the wedding planning process, I thought I would share a few of my engagement photos along with some tips on what to wear for your engagement session.

Brandon and I booked our session with Stacy Preston Photography. She’s amazing and made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera. We booked her for our wedding and our package came with an engagement session. I highly recommend doing an engagement session with your wedding photographer because then you can get to know them and understand the way they shoot before the big day. I feel like I know what to expect on the wedding day because we got the chance to shoot with her once already.

Now, let’s talk outfits, shall we?

1.Think about your location

We wanted to shoot our photos at my parents’ lake house. The view is beautiful, and while we are getting married at the farm where I grew up, we wanted to make sure the engagement photos and the wedding photos had a different look. But it was still important to us that the photos were taken at a meaningful place. Since we went with the lake, we wanted to have a bright airy look, overall. We also wanted to keep things pretty casual to tie in with the lake vibe. We decided to go for some dreamy shots with this cute little white boat and these were some of my favorites! For these, we chose bright and airy colors to tie in with the boat and the scenery on the water.

And that leads us to…

2. Think about Color Scheme

You don’t have to wear the same color and be super matchy matchy, but you can wear a similar color palette that ties in well together. For example, Brandon wore this turquoise button down and it had a small white print on it. This white dress paired well with it because it pulled out the color in the pattern, and they both have a light and bright look to them. This looked great with the water in the background. This look was our most dressy look of the three outfits we wore.

3. Coordinate with solids and prints

All of Brandon’s shirts had a print, which was perfect because we chose some of his favorite shirts for these photos. Because his shirts had a print,  I made sure that my looks were solid in a coordinating color scheme.

We ended up wearing very similar colors for this outfit, but because his was a print and I had on a solid, it feels like the colors are coordinated, but it’s not off-putting. If we were both wearing this color in a solid with our denim, it might look too matchy.

This outfit we didn’t wear the same color, but I liked the pastel blue and green combination. One thing I liked about my more simple tops in a solid color was that I was able to add in fun accessories, without it feeling too busy. It’s funny that I ended up wearing outfits that were more solid colors because I’m definitely a girl who loves patterns! I think as long as your  outfits feel like you and you are comfortable in them, then you will feel good while shooting

I had a hard time deciding on outfits. I think I took about 6 or 7 to my moms house to help us decide. But out of all of them, I made a point to choose colors that I knew looked good on us. Think about styles and colors that are flattering on you, because that’s going to make you love your photos even more!

Figuring out engagement photo outfits can be tough, and I definitely felt indecisive. I think the best way is to just pull things out of your closet, and lay everything out on the bed next to each other. This helped me so much when it came to narrowing down our looks. I hope you guys can take these tips and use for them when you’re planning your engagement sessions. Stay tuned for more wedding updates over the next few months!

A huge thanks again to Stacy Preston Photography because we are IN LOVE with our photos.

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Choosing your outfits for an engagement session can be difficult, and can lead to a lot of indecisiveness. Here are few tips for what to wear for your engagement session.