1. Roasted Espresso, Swan Creek Candle Company | 2. Volcano, Capri Blue| 
3.Santiago Huckleberry, Volupsa| 4. Sweet Sangria, Bella 
5. Peach Prosecco, Illume Candles

Nothing makes your place feel quite as cozy or quite like home without those delicious homey smells that candles offer. And if you’re like me…I’m SUPER picky about my candles. Not all candles are created equal, ya know? I usually like to avoid super sweet scents, and prefer fruitier vibes, as opposed to floral scents. But everyone has their own preference. I’ve put together a few of my faves so you can make your home smell delicious!

1. Swan Creek Candle Co. Roasted Espresso


Y’all this candle smells THE best. It smells like someone has just made a fresh cup of espresso. It has actual espresso grounds in the candle, that makes the scent really pop. You literally don’t even have to light it. That’s how strong the scent is, in a good way. I’m not a coffee drinker, but this candle solves the problem of loving the way coffee smells without having to taste it. It comes in a gorgeous pottery dish. Not to mention, you can go on Swan Creek’s website and order a replacement wick and wax set, without having to buy another candle in the pot. BUT, they are so pretty, I mean… I never mind having a few siting around the house.They come in a lot of different color options.  This candle is a moderate price of $18.00, but it can burn for 45 hours and you don’t have for that scent to fill the room. It’s sooo yummy! Swan Creek Candles are sold at boutique stores, but you can order them online at


2. Volupsa, Santiago Huckleberry


This scent is super fruity without being too overpowering is one of my faves. It just fills your home, and you really get your money out of these with the amount of time it takes to burn through a whole one. A good thing about this candle is the different sizes. You can get jar sizes tins. It’s all about what your preference is. These are sold at anthropologie, which I’ve linked above. BUT, if you can’t find them or don’t have an anthropologie near you, Francesca’s sells them, as well. They are about $26.00, and totally worth it. These make great gifts also I literally buy this candle for someone at Christmas every year. If not multiple people. Seriously, everyone needs it in their lives.

3. Capri Blue, Volcano


Ok, so if you’ve been to anthropologie, you are familiar with how AMAZING it smells when you walk in. It sells itself. You realize it’s what’s filling the air in the whole store, and you don’t know how you can be anywhere where it doesn’t smell this good. So you immediately ignore the $30.00 price tag for this beauty, because it’s WORTH it.  These candles burn for hours and they literally make your house smell so great. It’s expensive, but it’s worth the price tag. They also have a lot of options when it comes to containers. You can usually find mercury glass, red, green, seaglass, opal, etc. The blue is just the classic look. Occasionally the Capri Blue candles at anthro will be available in tins and small jars for about $12.00. Usually this is during the holiday, but they may have started carrying the smaller sizes year round. It’s definitely worth looking out for. The smaller versions are great for hostess gifts or for your BFF’s birthday. You can never go wrong with this scent. I don’t know how anyone could NOT like this candle.

4. Peach Prosecco, Illume Candles


This candle is one that you can totally stock up on because it’s super affordable and smells so yummy! It’s a sweeter scent, without being overpowering. I bought like three of these for my first apartment. They are the best. And did I mention you can find these at Target? This candle is a steal because you can get a large one for about $12.75. It’s definitely a reasonable price for the size of this candle. Go to Target and buy this candle as soon as you finish reading this.

5. Sweet Sangria, Bella Candles


I love the Sweet Sangria candle. It’s so great, and definitely a steal. You can find this one at Target for about 10 bucks. Maybe less. They offer a few more options as far as containers go. I think there’s one version of it in a bowl, but I don’t mind the tin. The colors are nice, and it’s nice to have a lid if you ever need. it. It’s very fruity, with a touch of a bergamot musk scent. I think it’s definitely one that you want to keep on hand. It’s a good go-to, because it’s so affordable. Some of the more expensive ones can be more of a treat yourself kind of buy, whereas you could just pick one up next time you go to pick up nail polish at Target. Treat yo’ self!

Well this are a few of my go-tos. I don’t like a lot of scents that are very woodsy or floral, and I especially hate vanilla. So, these are great options if you like fresh, fruity, light scents.

What are your favorite home fragrances?